Hesburgh Video Reflections



Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. founded The Center for Civil and Human Rights at Notre Dame in 1973. As an extension of his pioneering work on the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Fr. Hesburgh saw the Center as a means for Notre Dame to fulfull one of its core missions: to advance human rights, human dignity, and human development. That mission continues today as CCHR educates human rights lawyers from around the globe, and engages in meaningful research into pressing human rights issues. In the videos below Fr. Hesburgh reflects upon his vision for CCHR and the University of Notre Dame as defenders of human dignity.


Founding the Center at Notre Dame

Fr. Hesburgh recalls his hopes for the Center and his vision for Notre Dame as a place of education and research around pressing human rights issues.


Educating Human Rights Lawyers

Fr. Hesburgh calls upon those interested in the law to dedicate themselves to becoming advocates of human dignity and defending the rights of the vulnerable.


A Commitment to Human Dignity

 Fr. Hesburgh reflects upon the special commitment to the dignity of the person found in Notre Dame’s Catholic mission, and its unique expression in the human rights work of The Center.


Now is the Time

 Fr. Hesburgh reaffirms his belief in the mission of The Center for Civil and Human Rights, and calls for a renewed effort to ensure CCHR's continued flourishing.