Student Engagement

University-Wide Student Involvement
Aerial view of central campus

As a university-wide center, CCHR seeks to engage the entire Notre Dame community. Events provide rich opportunities for students to participate in the life of the Center, while student groups with a special interest in human rights-related issues often co-sponsor CCHR events or receive support from CCHR for their own events.

Student engaged in research

With strategic relationships around the globe, CCHR offers many opportunities for Notre Dame Law School students to engage issues on the ground through both summer and post-graduate internships and clerkships.


Business on the Frontlines

Through this unique program, students from Notre Dame Law School and Mendoza School of Business have the opportunity to study real life issues in countries trying to rebuild their economies after a war or violent conflict. The aim is to examine the role of business as these countries attempt to restart their economic growth in order to create the wealth needed to pull their populations out of poverty and stabilize society.