Student Research Papers: Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking

These student research papers were prepared to fulfill the requirements of Notre Dame Law School's Spring 2016 Seminar, “Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking,” taught by Alexandra Levy and Christine Cervenak. Students explored the range of remedies available to human trafficking victims in specific countries, and assessed whether these remedies met the standards set out in the 2014 UN Basic Principles on the right to an effective remedy for victims of trafficking in persons. *

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Brazil   Bulgaria   Burundi   Colombia   Ecuador   Lithuania   Mexico   Myanmar   Panama   South Africa   United Kingdom


Marcella Ribeiro D’Avila Lins Torres, "Human Trafficking in Brazil: Legal Remedies: Advances in National Legislation"



Neysa Nankervis, "Combatting Trafficking in Persons: Bulgaria’s Response to a Global Crisis"



Audace Gatavu, "Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking in Burundi"



Nathalia Contreras Pardo, "Legal Framework Against Trafficking in Persons in Colombia"



Johanna Villegas, "Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking in Ecuadorian Law and Public Policy"



Karolina Kiskyte, "Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking in the United Kingdom and Lithuania"



Regina Castro Traulsen, "The Mexican Legal Remedies for Trafficking in Persons Victims and Its Compliance with International Standards"



Nwe Nwe Lwin, "Legal Remedies for Victims of Internal Sex Trafficking in Myanmar"



Eliott Fitch, "Human Trafficking in Panama: A Country Analysis"


South Africa

Robert Cave, "A Critical Analysis of Human Trafficking in South Africa: Remedies and Recommendations"


United Kingdom

Karolina Kiskyte, "Legal Remedies for Human Trafficking in the United Kingdom and Lithuania"

*These papers are the work of students shared for informational purposes only, not as legal advice, and CCHR makes no representation as to their accuracy.