J.S.D. in International Human Rights Law

J.S.D. student in from of Eck Hall

Unlike the LL.M. program, which is designed for human rights practitioners, the J.S.D. Program in International Human Rights Law at Notre Dame Law School is designed for those who want to teach and pursue research at the university level.  Admission to our J.S.D. program is highly competitive. Typically, only one or two of the 15 applicants each year are accepted.  This selectivity allows our faculty to provide individualized support to our doctoral students during their three to five years of study.

This approach has produced a very successful alumni network of over 20 J.S.D. graduates from 14 different countries who now serve as faculty, deans and high ranking government officials.

For questions about the J.S.D. program or application process, please contact the Center for Civil & Human Rights at cchr@nd.edu.